Get Involved, Join a Committee!

Joining one of our Chapter  Committees is a fun way to get to know other A&T folks better. Sign up for as many that interest you and receive special notices when committee and group activities are planned. Click on the envelope to send an email to the chairperson.

Membership Committee

Committee Chair: Katina Richmond
Description: This committee is responsible for conducting an ongoing membership drive to attract new members, retain current members and maintain an accurate record of membership.

The Finance Committee

Committee Chair: Anya Jackson

Description: This committee coordinates the chapter's financial responsibilities by managing the dues of members, overseeing fundraising funds and any chapter investments. Makes recommendations to the chapter's annual budget including monitoring the budget and implementing financial procedures as required. This committee is responsible for engaging an objective individual/firm to conduct an annual audit.

The Courtesy Committee

Committee Chair: Helen Butler-Duncan

Description: This committee helps to foster and promote a caring community within the chapter. The committee identifies and monitors chapter members who have birthdays, are sick and shut-in, hospitalized, or have experienced a tragedy and/or death in the family.

The Community Services Committee

Committee Chair: Sharon Lassiter

Description: This committee is responsible for recommending, planning, and executing service projects that benefit the local area through volunteerism and community engagement.

Fundraising and University Annual Giving

Committee Chair: Reiko Taylor

Description: This committee shall recommend, plan and execute activities and events that raise funds through individual, chapter giving and group/corporate giving that help fund and support the chapter’s scholarship programs.

The Student Engagement & Recruitment Committee

Committee Chair: Dedra Eatmon

Description:  This committee is responsible for collaborating with the Office of Alumni Relations staff and Enrollment Management Unit regarding the recruitment, scholarship development and continued engagement of A&T students. In addition, this committee will plan and execute activities and programs that will encourage students or adults to attend NC A&T.

Awards Committee

Committee Chair:  As needed

Description: This committee works with the Office of Alumni Relations to submit nominees for various awards as needed.

Scholarship Committee

Committee Chair:  Nichole Funderburk, Tawana Cherry

Description: This committee is responsible for promoting the chapter scholarship program as well as solicit, review and screen applications; interview candidates; make final selections of recipients and track recipients’ academic progress and report back to the chapter. Holds recipients accountable to the chapter; maintains regular communication with each recipient.

Social Committee

Committee Co-Chairs: Kimberly Simpson, Jonathan Brown

Description: In partnership with the Fundraising chair, this committee is responsible for planning, organizing and implementing social events sponsored by the chapter. These events should be designated to maximize interest and involvement in the chapter. This committee also manages the chapter’s social media presence, press releases, PSAs, etc. regarding chapter events.  Website maintenance falls within this committee as well.


Committee Chair: as needed

Description: The nominating committee is responsible for seeking, petitioning, and vetting candidates’ eligibility for chapter officer positions; to present a slate of candidates to the chapter allowing the chapter members to engage in the voting process. *This committee is only active during the election year.

Young Alumni

Committee Chair: Sasha Campbell

Description: This committee is responsible for planning special activities and programs for those alumni who have graduated within the past 15 years.